Nano Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch – Mario Medley


The officially licensed PowerA Nano Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch combines standard-size controls with a compact frame. Now, players of all sizes can game with ergonomic comfort on a high-quality controller. The standard-size ABXY button layout is larger than the Joy-Con buttons to provide a familiar comfortable feel for even the most intense sessions. Precision-tuned analog thumbsticks and ultra-responsive triggers provide optimum performance for any game. Plus, original designs from world-class artists feature stunning graphics and iconic characters that represent your style and favorite games. Includes an 8 ft. (2.4 m) micro-USB cable, plus a 2-year warranty to let you game in confidence. For use when Nintendo Switch is docked. Does not support HD rumble, IR, or Amiibo NFC. Not compatible with Joy-Con only games.

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